Yearly maintenance contracts

Without regular maintenance, a roof becomes a property risk. Regular inspections by a roof specialist and service procedures improve the performance of the roof and extend the expected economic life time.

Minor problems or insulation damage can be attended to at an early stage before they cause high or unforeseeable costs.

A maintenance contract with Varsinaisbitumi Oy will guarantee the condition of the roof and protect your property in the long run.

For more information about yearly maintenance, please contact any of Varsinaisbitumi Oy’s offices.

Roof analyses

The easiest way to make sure the roof is in good condition is to order a visual inspection, a condition analysis or an extensive condition survey. Varsinaisbitumi Oy’s expert services vary depending on the condition of the property and the need for analysis.

Visual inspection

A visual inspection is an easy and affordable way to analyse the overall condition of the roof and to establish whether there is a need for more detailed inspection. In practice, this means that an expert from Varsinaisbitumi Oy’s will climb up the roof to evaluate its condition. If necessary, he can be accompanied by such people as the house manager or a construction planner. Reporting is done either orally on site, or alternatively the client will receive a short, written summary afterwards.

Varsinaisbitumi Oy’s visual condition test is a fast and affordable way to find out what measures should be taken, if any. Simply having an expert take a look at the roof may save the property owner a tidy sum.

Condition analysis

A condition analysis is recommended in cases where leaks have already been spotted or the need for reconditioning must be assessed. This analysis will clarify the condition of the roof and the insulation material and identify any damage or construction defects. Features that are important in renovation, such as ventilation, base material, slopes and bushings are identified and checked thoroughly. The condition of edge and root plating is assessed. We will also check that the drains are working and that the vacuum ventilators and mechanical ventilation are properly connected to the roof construction.

If necessary, we may make a hole in the roof to see if there is any damage underneath the waterproofing. At the same time we will also check the space underneath the roof, if possible.

A condition analysis results in a report with information on the most essential issues and problems. Photos are attached to the report.

There will also be a list of steps that must be taken immediately as well as costs for future reconditioning work.

Extensive or detailed condition survey

In addition to the above-mentioned inspections and analyses, Varsinaisbitumi Oy offers more extensive and detailed condition surveys. These are usually planned in advance for specific jobs and may include outsourced analysing services (for instance chemical measurements and laboratory samples). Varsinaisbitumi Oy also acts as coordinator for larger surveys and issues statements and survey certificates to support decision-making. Some condition surveys include tests.

The extent of a condition survey is agreed with the client. A condition survey ties up a lot of expertise and resources and is therefore more costly than the methods mentioned previously.

From Varsinaisbitumi Oy’s range of analysis services, you will always find a suitable solution for your property.

Preliminary offer

Varsinaisbitumi Oy offers property owners the opportunity to get a preliminary offer (a socalled budget offer) for the costs of reconditioning to support planning, budgeting and decision making.

We can also give you a preliminary offer by preparing a roof report, roof analysis or drawings by some other specialist. If no inspection or analysis has been done yet, this would be a natural first step. Before a preliminary offer is given, we usually visit the site. The price in the preliminary offer is calculated and is usually a detailed offer which includes a work specification. It corresponds to a normal contract offer, but cannot be as binding since it is only preliminary in nature.

Consulting and training

Millions of square metres of bitumen roofs have given Varsinaisbitumi Oy know-how that we can now offer real estate companies, property owners, housing managers, housing associations, property investors, roof construction designers and decision-makers within the public sector.

Varsinaisbitumi Oy arranges training in the field of waterproofing as well as courses in roof work and occupational safety.